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How Much To Spend To Buy A Real Sapphire Necklace?

Hi, my girlfriend really likes sapphire necklaces, and I want to know how much I need to spend to buy her a “real” sapphire necklace. I have no idea what I mean by real though, I guess just a real sapphire gem. I don’t know much about jewelry, so any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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  1. Sarah M says:

    Um, actually sapphire is one of the most expensive popular gemstones and quality sapphire jewelry can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The value and price depend mostly on the quality of the sapphire stones. You can give her a necklace with some small, low quality sapphire gems for less than $200. I strongly advise you do some research so you know your options. This website has lots of info on how to shop for sapphires, and there’s pictures of different quality sapphires too. You can definitely find sapphires to suit any budget.

  2. sometime says:

    sapphires are known to be very expensive, but i can understand why she loves them they are very beautiful, the most common and i would think the cheapest is the blue one. And it depends on how big you want this saphire 2 be. small ones probably wouldnt be any cheaper then a few hundred and ones with good size sapphire ive seen reach up to a few thousand (but thats like really nice necklaces with gold and other diamonds all the way around) but if your looking for just a necklace with a sapphire on a chain thats medium-small sized maybe a 200-500 would by a very nice necklace with gold.

  3. Katlyn says:

    There are many types of sapphires the most common being blue sapphire. Sapphire isn’t considered a precious gem so it isn’t as expensive as some gems. The quality, style and size will also affect the price. Look on a few different jewelry sites to find a medium price.

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