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Can I Trade Pokemon From Sapphire To Black?

I have pokemon sapphire and pokemon black can i trade pokemon from my sapphire to a friends ds then give it to my file on pokemon black? Also some tips in sapphire would be appreciated to thanks very much.

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  1. The Boss says:

    1. Migrate pokemon from sapphire to diamond or pearl. 2. In diamond or pearl, go to pal park and catch the pokemon. 3. Trade from Diamond or pearl to Black. 4. Hurray!

  2. Poke' Topic says:

    Here is how you bring GBA Pokemon to Black and White Step 1: Transfer the Pokemon from any GBA game to diamond, pearl, platinum, HG, or SS. Step 2:Get 2 DS’, put black or white in one, and any of the games just listed above in the other Step 3:On the DS with black or white, go to the Pokemon Transfer Lab on Route 15 Step 4: Talk to the man and start the transfer. Step 5: On the other DS with one of the games in, go to DS download Play Step 6: Then pick the following Pokemon you want to transfer. P.S. Can bring over whatever Pokemon you want, whenever. You don’t have to wait 24 hours like the pal park.

  3. ? says:

    The only way you can get pokemon from sapphire to black/white is by transfering to another DS game and then trading. Or i believe you can directly get the pokemon from sapphire through something called poke transfer.

  4. U Can't Beat Me in Pokemon says:

    You can trade from sapphire to diamond/pearl/platinum and then to black, but not directly from sapphire to black unfortunately. If you have sapphire, bring over a celebi and you can get zorua, and awesomesauce pokemon =)

  5. N says:

    Unfortunately no you cannot. The only possible way is to transfer them to your Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/SoulSilver/HeartG… and then transfer from and of those to Black/White. I hope this helps!

  6. Mimisouj says:

    You can’t. You need to transfer via Pal Park to any DDPtHGSS game, then to the BW games via PokéShift

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